Best Honeymoon Destinations in April

April showers may bring May flowers, as the popular adage goes, but they also bring wet weather for local honeymoons. Newlyweds who live in rainy climates might not appreciate the wet and often muddy days that come in April, and this often leads to a strong desire to get away on an exotic honeymoon. Whatever the budget and interests of a couple, there is always a way to create a truly memorable honeymoon in one of the top destinations around the world. In the month of April, some of the best honeymoon destinations include the bright lights of Las Vegas, the beaches of Cebu, the unbelievable food in Tuscany and the excitement of Singapore.

Enjoy Shows and Cuisine in the Desert City: Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no denying that Las Vegas, Nevada is an incredible vacation spot, but engaged couples who are planning their honeymoon may not always think of it when planning their own getaway. Believe it or not, Las Vegas can be the perfect place to enjoy a honeymoon thanks to bargain hotel prices and absolute luxury when it comes to dining, shows and spas. Some couples even combine their wedding and their honeymoon into one and elope in one of the various wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

Couples can get rooms in Las Vegas for as little as $40 per night, and there is no end to the free deals available for buffets and shows. These tricks are meant to bring gamblers into the casinos, but lovebirds can use them as a way to enjoy a full luxury honeymoon on a tight budget.

Honeymoon in Las Vegas

Explore the Culture and Beaches of the Philippines: Cebu Island

The island of Cebu may not be as heavily populated as other Filipino places like Manila, but the more relaxed way of life, numerous hotels and scenic beauty mean that it is a top destination for honeymoons. In the month of April, Cebu boasts warm weather without the rain that is so prevalent during the summer months.

Couples on their honeymoon in Cebu can choose between small fishing villages with lots of traditional culture, mountain resorts that offer cool temperatures and scenic views or stunning sandy beaches near the hotels on Mactan. Hiking, swimming, snorkeling, boating, fishing and scuba diving are all popular pastimes in Cebu, and the local food is affordable and delicious.

Phillippines Peaceful Beach

Take a Self-Guided Foodie Tour Through the Italian Countryside: Tuscany

It is rare to meet a foodie who hasn’t dreamed of touring the Tuscan countryside, and many newly married couples take their honeymoon as the opportunity to do just that. The best way to tour the area is to rent a car and set off on the adventure of a lifetime sampling cheeses in Florence, trying homemade pastas in Siena and sipping local wines in Chianti.

Although there are plenty of big hotels in Tuscany, many couples find that the smaller inns and private cottages are the best way to enjoy their honeymoon in this part of Italy. In some cases, it is even possible to stay on working farms and take cooking lessons to learn how to authentically prepare some of the most famous rustic dishes from the area. Couples who truly love food and wine will love exploring Tuscany during April, which boasts warm weather and very little in the way of rain.

Tuscany Countryside

Discover Where East Meets West in Asia: Singapore

The city-state of Singapore, located in Southeast Asia, is a unique destination where the traditions of the East meet the modernity of the West. Although Singapore is densely populated, it is a popular honeymoon spot for couples who want to enjoy luxury accommodations, incredible cuisine, countless shopping opportunities and lots of amazing culture.

Just a few of the many activities available to honeymoon travelers in Singapore include shopping along Orchard Road, which is a stretch of several miles packed with shops and malls, touring the bustling streets of Chinatown, swimming in the beaches of Sentosa Island, playing golf or even indulging in the great spas. Since Singapore is home to a mix of cultures from around the world, the food is equally diverse, and foodies will love exploring the streets and snacking at the vendors and stalls along the way.


More Destinations for April Honeymoons:

  • Soak Up the Sun in Malta
  • Explore the Bustling Streets of Tokyo, Japan
  • Tour the Extraordinary Museums in Atlanta, Georgia

Picking a honeymoon destination is not an easy choice for couples to make. Anyone planning to enjoy a post-wedding getaway in April will want to thinks seriously about one of these incredible destinations, each of which is ideal for a honeymoon during this time of year.